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What Is A Royalty Fee?

Royalty Fees are more commonly associated to Recording Artistes. It is a fee they earn every time a Record is sold. Similarly, many Franchises charge a fixed %  Royalty Fee... to simplify it... this means that every time a McDonalds outlet (the franchisee) sells a Burger at £1.50 the

McDonalds Corporation in America takes, say,

20p. The more Burgers they sell the more the

Head Office earns.

Is There A Royalty Fee % With The HYPASOL

Franchise? NO! Unlike most other franchises

we do not charge a Royalty Fee...


So what is Franchising.... basically it is the right to use a companies brand and service in an agreed geographical area.

The ‘Franchisor’ (thats us) actually owns the brand and intellectual rights to the business and the Franchisee (thats you!) buy the right to use the name and products in an agreed area.

A Franchisee basically owns his or her section of

the business in that area...

On the part of the franchisee, he is said to

have a greater incentive than a direct

employee because he has a direct

stake in the business and reaps

all the profit generated.

So What’s The Catch - How Come There Are No Royalty Fees?

In fairness, we believe that you should keep ALL the profit from your business. We are happy to take a small profit from the products we sell to you at trade discounts... That way you get to keep all the profit.

Am I Tied In When I Buy A Franchise?

Again, we have taken the easy route... many franchises like to tie their franchises in to 3, 5 even 10 and 20 year contracts! The HYPASOL Franchise is offered on a 12 month ‘rolling contract’ basis giving you the chance to build your business but decide after 12 months if the business suits you. If you wish to proceed for another 12 months you simply sign another yearly rolling agreement. Alternatively, if you feel the business is not for you, then you can walk away with no financial or legal obligation to carry on.

The 5 Key Principle Elements to Success

Our Partner Training Programme is envied throughout our business sector.

Product, Sales and Business Management Training is FULLY INCLUDED in the Partner Franchise Package with a Residential Course covering all the aspects of the business enabling you to commence trading as soon as you return

We strongly feel that our past and future success lies in our 5 Key Principle approach

1. High Quality Product & Ongoing Innovation

2. Broad Range to offer ‘Single Source’ facility

3. Cost Effectiveness

4. High Service Levels

5. Training

Can I sell My Franchise Once It Is Up

& Running?

Yes.. like any other business, the sale

price depends on it’s success. In fact, a franchise is much easier to sell than a normal business as it is a more

attractive proposal to a new buyer

as it is part of a national group...

So it's a bit like working on your own

but not being on your own... there’s

someone there to talk to!

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Tel: 01773 711012   email:

Home   |   What Is Franchising?   |   HYPASOL Products   |   Frequently Asked Questions   |   

FREE Franchise Prospectus   |   Contacts            

Capitalise on the REPEAT business model of Vehicle Cleaning Consumables...

Interlink Couriers

Kall Kwik Printing

Merry Maids

Mr Clutch

Hilton Hotels

Subway Sandwiches

Dunkin Donuts

Domino’s Pizza

There are many household names that are Franchise operations including;

Snap On Tools


Pizza Hut


These companies charge many

thousands of pounds for the

use of their name and of course

the likes of McDonalds include

the cost of a new restaurant in

the price.. so it is way up there

in the hundreds of thousands!


Starting a new business always carries a risk - new businesses are vulnerable.

The degrees of vulnerability vary depending on:

    Knowledge           Skill        Financial resources      Relevant abilities

Many who start up their own business lack some or all of these qualities. Many fail because they cannot learn quickly enough - before the money runs out.

80% of new businesses starting today will fail within the first five years.

With a franchise this risk is substantially reduced - because the franchisees are buying the experience and expertise of the franchisor. This will also stop them making the same mistakes that the franchisor has made during their trading life.